mun2On the 23rd of July 2015 ten students and one teacher once again found themselves in a very familiar situation: dreary eyed, tired and all set to go to yet another MUN conference. Only this time the goal was Oldenburg.

With heavy luggage and large folders in hand we made our journey all up towards the very north of Germany and finally arrived at our destination around noon. What followed was a tiring and an exciting evening filled with a grand opening ceremony and a large barbeque filled with dancing and laughter. 

As the next day began we made our way to the different venues, with our minds set to solve different pressing issues. For the delegates of Heidelberg this conference was intimidating, yet exiting! Committees filled with hundreds of people all equipped with vast amount of knowledge. This of course made it very easy to find partners and work busily on resolutions. Whether we were set on reforming the UN or finding a better way to deal with precious earth, the day ended with us all being very satisfied with the results and we rewarded ourselves with a nice dinner.
Our third day at Oldenburg was filled with debates and little fights in defending our resolutions and trying to pass them. Some were successful, some were sadly not. But nonetheless we all wound down in the evening with a nice party set up by the Staff of OLMUN.
However our work wasn’t yet done! We still had one more challenges to overcome before our journey back home: The General Assembly! What followed was another morning filled with discussions, arguments and successful or failed resolutions.
Before biding farewell we still had the opportunity to take part in the closing ceremony and have a look at what we had managed to accomplish in a short span of time. Then finally with heavy hearts we made our way to the train station ready to hop on our train back home. After three train rides and zero disruptions we arrived in good old Heidelberg and made one last journey back home.
We want to thank the “IGH Freundeskreis” who supported us financially and who made it possible for us to attend the hEImun, DAVIMUN and OLMUN conferences, which really broadened our political awareness and enabled us to access various experiences, we will never forget.

Aparna Nagar and the MUN delegation