IMG 0746From the 14th until the 17th November we went to the MUNelly conference in Neuss near Düsseldorf.

After a few complications getting there we finally arrived in Neuss where our host families were already waiting to pick us up. Some of us went straight home while others stayed in town for a little while. Spending the first evening with most of the other participants of the conference gave us a sense of community right from the start. Almost everyone got along well with their hosts and we enjoyed spending time with them. The first day of the conference was very exciting for us newbies but luckily there were some students that had attended some conferences before and they were always glad to help us.
Each day was different depending on the council or committee one was member of, but all committees were organized by very strict rules of behaviour. These rules made debates and discussions a lot of fun since everyone had the chance to say something without being interrupted or even worse insulted.
The formal vocabulary we had to use made us feel professional and wearing business attire made us slip into a new role: the role of a delegate. Besides discussing political, international or financial topics we were also able to enjoy the company of the other participants and make new friends.
When the conference ended we were very proud of ourselves for having progressed so much but also a little exhausted from the long and demanding days. We were happy to return home but sad to leave our new friends and such an amazing settings behind.
Attending such a conference was a very valuable experience, and we are very excited to attend our second conference in Oldenburg next the summer.

Hanna Koch and Charlotte Lohse